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Frosted Glass Material Tutorial – Vray 3. Apa itu Scribd? And then the drawing of interest had no dimensions that I could find.


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Mac users need to pay particular attention here as it is a common misconception that the plugins folder is located with the SketchUp package. With our plugins folder identified installing a plugin is a simple drag and drop procedure from your default browser download folder location to the SketchUp Plugins folder. If SketchUp is already running you will need to restart it for the plugin to appear. This tutorial was written by Rich O’Brien.

He has a background in aviation technical training and is also the editor of CatchUp WebMag. Landscape Furniture. Intermediate Beginner. Modelling Services.

CatchUp Reviews. How to install Plugins in SketchUp. Rich O Brien. Poor Best. Tags for this article: plugin install rbz ruby script extension. The online library includes full models of various building types that you can import into SketchUp and customize to make it your own design.

You will have the ability to create ambitious projects such as mansions or skyscrapers. Additionally, most templates are not just external shells but have interior details too. The 3DWarehouse is a great resource for finding quality components and fittings, but it can become time-consuming. For example, there are generic items such as home fixtures or fittings that you can easily find. The right-hand side toolbar contains the app’s various panels, including a simple help panel , which is useful when you don’t know how to use an object.

You hace access to the 3DWarehouse browser that allows for finding models within your library. There are also swatches for color themes and textures , view options to zoom in or out on model detail, rendering settings like materials-based lighting colors, and darken skybox option like changing from day to night.

Uniquely, there are extra helpful tools included in layers, allowing you to view all objects separately. This makes it so that it’s easy to access and control visibility without affecting other elements. It is a helpful resource that comes pre-loaded with lots of information. It’s context-sensitive, so if you’ve selected the Orbit tool, it will show you an animation and text explaining how to modify its functions.

You can access the knowledge within this training module in real-time without having to stop what you’re doing or search for help elsewhere. SketchUp’s view controls are excellent. In addition to moving the camera on and around your model, you can also choose from a range of pre-defined views such as front, side, or rearview, overhead, and angled views among others. You can further animate these views to get an aerial standpoint with different angles during the transition between perspectives.

With smooth transitions, Sketup Make delivers a drone camera effect when flying over and around structures. SketchUp Make’s free version includes many useful features , but you may need to upgrade to the pro version for the advanced features.

Additional features that are not in the free version are other key 3D file types used in many industries, which require more specific design programs such as AutoCAD. Fixed plan detail Curve object to always default to a spline, regardless of the previous use of the Shape object. Fixed Landscape Light area of influence cone color to match light color. Fixed to draw 3D Dimension label at the correct size when exporting viewport to a file.

Fixed Australia hardiness zone map and converted temperatures to Celsius. After creating a movie, fixed to go to the correct YouTube website when the option is selected which bypasses the normal upload dialog.

Fixed case where an Accent Shape could have transparent stripes when using a solid color. Improved material tooltip to no longer display internal numeric code for solid colors. When adjusting the elevation of an object using the mouse, the elevation now only snaps to 0 when global snaps are enabled. Improved quality of small curves. Fixed case where a flame effect could be added to a small spa that would normally only have one effect.

Fixed case where pool water was not being property rebuilt during a realtime walkthrough. Added Unilock product categories to Art Browser. Enhanced Art Browser to automatically scroll so the currently selected category button is visible. Updated project material list message.

Photo: Fixed case where custom textures used in 3D designs were not being properly transferred back to Photo. Fixed to allow full version to open trial designs which have been saved as archives. Fixed standalone Accent objects placed on pools and pool decking to render when Plan view is exported or printed.

Fixed error that could occur when undoing changes to custom overlay materials. Fixed case where printing the project material list could result in repeated blank pages. Fixed case where part of the wall could show through doors or windows with closed blinds.

Fixed Plant Legend to sort numeric plant keys properly. Changes in update 5. Added CAD symbols to project material list. Overlays can now be larger than the maximum terrain size. Increased number edit box widths to help accommodate larger numbers. Fixed Picture Import Wizard to copy imported pool decking to the correct location. Changes in update 4. Fixed gap in terrain that could occur due to an overlay which is hidden during a realtime walkthrough.

Fixed error that could occur when adding the last point of a linear dimension tool by pressing left and right mouse buttons at exactly the same time. Fixed to disable Offset tool when an Overlay is selected. In my mind, these definitely do not provide the functionality of a users manual. As time progresses, user manuals seem to be a thing that are falling by the wayside. This is an unfortunate development. I learned both SolidWorks and Sketchup with a printed copy of the electronic users manual that was provided.

This allowed me to look up things that weren’t clear to me in the tutorials. Please reverse this trend. I’m using the enthusiast version of Fusion and I would pay for a good, thorough users manual. There should be an easy way for many, common functions followed by intuitive guided user interface that pops up so we then learn the complex and honestly, proper way to do it since the application is ultimately intended to create extremely complex and finely tuned objects.

For whatever reason the support is a mess of tutorials with no tabulation system for us to navigate through them, seek simplified, exacting answers for a simple process and for some reason, the control system for creating, modifying and manipulating is the furthest thing from intuitive and practical. If you’re going to go extreme at least create user support so a simple procedure to modify a simple object doesn’t turn into hours of slopping through information and the program.

A program like Sketchup when I want to chop a flat bottom onto a sphere it’s a very simple, logical process relative to how you do things in Windows paint. It would make sense to incorporate a dumbed down interface so new users and learning amateurs can do something as simple as I’ve mentioned by left clicking, drawing a square, chopping the bottom off with the standard parameter pop ups for exacting the axis depths, and THEN an information bubble appears showing how to do it the complicated way that is a pita to learn, however, I have gotten far enough with the program to understand why the U.

As I’ve toyed with more complex designs and modifications, the screwy interface is actually more precise and versatile than the way you would do it in something more traditional such as Sketchup. You can knock out processes in a single step with the GUI system in Fusion which is why I keep returning to it. So I know how to get my flat bottom on that sphere am I even doing it the most practical, efficient way? I doubt it and therein lies the problem with the GUI and lack of support!

Odds are F will still end up on the top of the pile in a few more years for the preferred application in all things 2 and 3D CAD. The average craftsman, teenager or housewife that wants to get into engineering, 3D graphical art etc. I think after a week of hands on guided assistance you would find most would expect a paycheck from you to keep learning F It’s a labor of love which separates the tinkerers from the inventors and engineers.

I understand many people consider the program to be for hobbyists and amateurs, however, I’ve been at this for a few years and made the most progress with F Some of the absurd, demeaning hoops you jump through as prerequisites just to get into CAD or CNC courses are one more reason our education system in the USA is corrupt, money grab and ultimately, failure causing us to fall so far behind in engineering, manufacturing and outright inventing technology you may as well move to the UK, Europe or even Asia if you want to get a competent curriculum for your degree and teachers that aren’t incompetent idiots.

For these reason if you are really serious about learning design and manufacturing be it personal or commercial production, I don’t think there’s a better option than F I now actually feel fortunate to be returning to my original school to wrap up my education in engineering because I don’t have to go through CAD and realized after a couple months with the other school, I would much rather tough it out with F than some incompetent idiot that isn’t fit to fry hamburgers let alone teach drafting and engineering courses.

My struggles with F are a pittance compared to a moron teacher making 6 figures a year to explain and demonstrate absolutely nothing in a drafting class that is simply outdated and useless but required to move into CAD, advanced circuits, CNC etc. When you talk to grads from the school or further progressed students that tell you they remember absolutely nothing from this nightmare course and idiot teacher, Fusion looks like a godsend!

Stuck on a workflow? Have a tricky question about a Fusion feature? Share your project, tips and tricks, ask questions, and get advice from the community. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

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